Petticoats, bras and lace panties MILF Jackie

MILF Jackie in lace petticoat bra and panties plus suspenders and stockings with some great upskirt shots showing off those tight fitting panties under her petticoats. Terrific figure and a hot looking lady who likes to be seen in her underwear so she has no inhibitions when the camera is capturing just how glamorous she looks in lingerie.

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Petticoats panties and nylons

For all the guys who remember the rock n roll days and all the lovely ladies skirts flying and showing off their petticoats, panties and stockings, add those sexy suspenders two and you can sit back and watch the best floor show anywhere. Here Fleur Rose recaptures those wonderful days of the ladies in their petticoats, her panties show off just how excited she feels dressed like a babe from the rock n roll days and letting you peek under her petticoat layers at her panties and stockingtops.


Petticoat passion with Fleur Rose

She looked so sexy in her stockings and lingerie we never did get to the party – Part THREE

Taking a new pair of black stockings out of their packet I handle them very carefully, loving the soft silky feel of them against my fingers.
Easing my hand inside the leg I roll them down my arm into a little ball, slipping my foot inside I stroke them up my leg making sure the sexy black seam is running straight. Pulling down the suspenders I slip the little metal button onto the soft silky band at the top of my leg and as I fasten each supender it pulls taut against the soft skin of my thighs. Now for the skirt, it rustles sexily as I pick it up off the bed, stepping carefully into it I pull it up over my stockings to my waist, the little black satin petticoat just covering my bum cheeks. Fluffing out all the net around my legs I bend over and get a cheeky glimpse of my red satin panties.

pussy in panties

With my feet slipped into a very high heeled pair of opened toed shoes I can see my red painted nails peeping sexily through the toes of my stockings. With my long dark hair curling down over my shoulders I really do look like a Spanish Dancer all I need now is a pair of castanets. I can hear the front door open and I know Jim is home, I feel a tingling sensation in my stomach as he comes into the room and sees my outfit for the first time. He gasps out loud as he sees me ” Fucking hell babe you look so horny ” he says as he collapses onto the settee. I give him a little twirl lifting up the front of the skirt so that he gets his first glimpse of my sexy lingerie and as he sits there with the bulge growing in his jeans I go into some sexy little poses for him.

Teasing him I turn around and lift the netting up high, he can see my suspender belt stretched over my curvy arse and just a hint of red satin panties. He has released his hard throbing cock and is gently stroking the shaft as I hook my fingers in the waistband of my skirt and slowly roll it over my hips and down my legs, he can hear it rustle as it slides over my stockings. Stepping out of it I stand in front of him in my sexy lingerie, my pussy is damp and I am feeling horny watching Jim wanking his hard cock, I want him to fuck me there and then.

Going over to him I put my knees either side of his legs and gently pulling my panties to one side I take his hard cock in my hand, his love juice is bubbling out onto his tip.

Gently parting my pussy lips I slip him inside me lowering myself down onto his throbing hard cock and I let out a loud gasp as he slides deep inside. I start to move my hips slowly at first and I can feel his cock rubbing up against my clit, he is groaning now as I start to move my body faster and my pussy muscles circle his shaft tightly. Gripping his shoulders I am riding his cock hard and fast, we are both breathing hard as we begin to feel our climax building. My arse cheeks are bouncing hard up and down and I can feel his balls against my skin, his hands grip my waist tight as he explodes deep inside me and I can feel my own orgasm race through my body making me tremble as the intense sensations pulse through me. I collapse against him panting hard and I can feel our love juice dribbling out of my pussy and running down the inside of my thighs.

We never did get to the party! Jim asked for another dress rehearsal, this time he wants to sit on the bed with his hard cock in his hand and watch me get dressed in my lingerie. The outfit hasn’t got to be back in the shop until Monday and Mum has the kids until the evening so you can guess what we will be doing all weekend and it wont be cutting the grass or washing the car!