Corsets stockings and silver high heels

The perfect figure for this foundation garment often called a corset, Worn many years ago by the ladies who wanted to pull themselves in at all the right places and Heidi although trim and fit this black number does justice to her lovely figure. Add the suspenders and stockings and it’s a shame to put her petticoat and dress on to cover this lingerie item up.

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Corset and stockings MILF Heidi

Stocking wife strips from her blue panties for you

Look up my skirt!! sexy chick Erica loves to see people looking up her skirt at her sexy undies, stockings and warm thighs above her stocking tops. As she knows you are watching her it sends her into a teasy mode and she strips just for you. Her bra comes off revealing pert puffy nippled breasts and her panties slide down stocking clad legs exposing this babes sexy perfect pussy and clit ring she is ready to play and wank that wet pussy to climax.


Sexy babe in girdle and nylons plays for you

Horny Ashley with no panties wants to play and for you to watch. Teasy girl strips off her brassiere and lays back in her girdle and fishnets and spreads her legs wide so you can enjoy close up views of her hot sexy pussy as she plays for you and herself. Naturally sexy babe wanks set to music with girly moans of pleasure.


Teresa May looks gorgeous in her layers of silk and lace

Flirty and fourty Teresa May oozes sex appeal and has a super fit body for a beautiful woman her age dont you think? Legs that look hot in fully fashioned nylon stockings and a booty that was made to be covered in silky lingerie!

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Hot waist slip

Sammi loves retro lingerie and how it frames her curves

Flirty Sammi imagines what it was like years ago for the curvaceous ladies getting dressed up for their lovers in layers of figure hugging silk, lace and nylon.
As she emerges from behind the screens dressed to thrill in that very lingerie she is ready to play with you!!

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Girdle babe

She looked so sexy in her stockings and lingerie we never did get to the party – Part TWO

Jim and I have a fantastic sex life I am full of confidence in bed and am always dreaming up new ideas to pleasure him and as he does the same for me our sex is wicked.

Red hot panties

Even though we have been married for ten years we still can’t et enough of each other, I love to dress up for him and have drawers full of the most beautiful soft silky lingerie. On Saturday night I knew I would get him hard and horny dressed in suspenders and stockings and my beautiful sexy black and red skirt.

Its Saturday and Mum’s got the kids so I have got the house all to myself, a nice long warm bath with no interruptions, absolute bliss. Running the warm water I pour in some of my expensive perfumed bath foam, lots of bubbles which will leave my skin silky soft.

Sinking back into the warm water I start to plan which of my gorgeous lingerie I will wear tonight, I already knew it would be black stockings but would I wear a silky satin basque or would I choose a soft lacy suspender belt, or maybe it would be both. Ohh I was getting really excited at the thought of getting dressed, feeling all that soft silky fabric next to my smooth skin and slipping my toes into a pair of silky stockings. The thought was turning me on and as I lay back in the bath my fingers begin to stroke my pussy, the silky water making my fingers feel soft as they slowly flicked over my clit.

Oh god that feels good, I can feel my clit grow hard as I increase the pressure, stroking it harder and faster my legs are trembling against the sides of the bath and my pussy muscles are contracting deep inside me.
Panting now I can feel myself beginning to cum, deep intense sensations are shooting out from my clit as I finally bring myself to a climax, I cry out loud and I can feel my body shuddering as the last of the orgasm races through me.

Getting out of the bath and going into the bedroom I can see the dress hung on the wardrobe door and with a tingle of anticipation I start to choose the lingerie I am going to wear tonight. I choose one of my sexiest basques because I can wear it without anything covering it and it will look fantastic with the skirt.

My basque is made of black silky satin with boned panels all the way round, the bra cups are covered in black lace and as I slip my arms into the straps I feel the soft silky fabric against my back. It has a very sexy zip running up the front and as I do this up the fabric pulls tight against my skin and running my hands over it I smooth it down my body. My tits sit snugly inside the bra cups and when I look down I can see the smooth skin of my cleavage against the black lace. I choose a pair of very sexy deep red panties these are also made of soft satin with a little crimped edge around the legs. As I step into them and slide them up over my arse cheeks they fit perfectly around my hips and the thick satin modesty gussett sit snugly against my pussy.

My suspender belt matches the basque, it is made of a very soft stretchy fabric with cross over panels at the front. As I wrap it around my waist and pull up the zip the fabric hugs my stomach and makes my waist look so tiny and curvy.
It is a very deep suspender belt so the back of the fabric comes right down over my arse cheeks hugging them tightly and I love how the soft fabric stretches across them when I bend over.

She looked so sexy in her stockings and lingerie we never did get to the party – Part ONE

An invitation came through the door this morning inviting us to a mates birthday party, she’s holding it in the Civic Hall in town and the invite says Fancy Dress. I was really excited when I first started reading it, we haven’t had a good night out for ages but when I read Fancy Dress I thought shit thats us out then. You see I am quite shy and the thought of dressing up in some stupid outfit and parading in front of a load of people I don’t know just makes me go cold. I have got a bit better since I got married although my wedding day was a nightmare even though everyone said how beautiful I looked I was still a bundle of nerves the whole day.

Vintage lingerie

When Jim my husband came home and I showed him the invite and I could see the look on his face as he said well we won’t be going to that then will we. I felt guilty as he works so hard for me and the kids and if anyone deserves a night out he does but I just couldn’t see how I could get round it. The other problem is the guy is one of Jims’ best mates and I knew he was thinking how am I going to tell him that we were not coming, I suppose we could tell a huge porkie and say one of the kids was poorly but I’m ashamed to say we have used that excuse before. It’s crazy really as I am always being told what an attractive woman I am and I keep my body slim and fit by going regularly to the gym so I should really be brimming with self-confidence.

Having a coffee with one of my friends the following day I moaned on about the invite and how Jim would love to go, we laughed as he is so outgoing he would dress in a toga and pretend he was Nero. My mate was sympathetic as she knows me well but she did suggest that instead of going for one of the usual silly fancy dress costumes why not go to the hire shop in town and find something that was sexy instead. I hadn’t thought of that and asked her if she would come with me to give her opinion. Setting off for town in her car I had my fingers crossed that not only would I find something but if I did that I would have the confidence to wear it.

Walking into the shop was like going into an Aladdins cave there were so many costumes to choose from, you could dress up as anything from a nun to a nurse. Now although a nurses outfit is very sexy a lot of the girls would be wearing them and if I was to feel confident it need to be something different. Going from rack to rack I was starting to feel a little desperate I couldn’t find anything suitable and was just about to give up and go home. Suddenly my mate let out a little cry “oh look what I have found, you will look stunning in this” she was holding up a beautiful skirt which had a little satin petticoat covered in black frothy netting.

The netting was covered in little black satin dots and tiered with rows of frilled red lace, I loved it straightaway it had a very sexy gypsy look to it and I could imagine a Spanish Senorita wearing it, tapping her feet and looking very wild and sexy. Or maybe a girl from a stage show dancing the Can Can, her stocking clad long legs high kicking through one of her routines.

Trying it on it fitted me perfectly and I couldn’t wait to tell Jim that we would be going to the party after all. I decided not to show him the outfit so I hid it in my wardrobe as I wanted it to be a big surprise on Saturday night I just told him that he would be stunned when he saw it.