Lesbian wives enjoy spanking sessions

Ianna and Maria spice up their coffee morning and slip out of their dresses for some spanking pleasure. Slip slaps, pantie spanks and panties down so their sexy bottoms can be fully warmed up. They enjoyed it so much coffee mornings will be more sexy fun in future.


Lesbian wives enjoy spanking sessions

Ianna and Maria spice up their coffee morning and slip out of their dresses for some spanking pleasure. Slip slaps, pantie spanks and panties down so their sexy bottoms can be fully warmed up. They enjoyed it so much coffee mornings will be more sexy fun in future.


Fleur and Anna spank each others curvy bottoms

A warm day and two glamorous babes in their lingerie enjoying their spanking fetish. Fleur and Anna with such curvy figures deserve a good spanking for looking so sexy, bending over ever so slightly to show the curve of their ass cheeks covered in silky panties drives them wild!!


This boss expects all the most from her PA – PART THREE

When she walks back into the office she looks amazing, the stylists have done her hair and makeup and I admire how sexy she looks in her plunging jacket. I realised she had no bags with her and she must have seen the look of disappointment on my face, its okay she said I am still wearing one of the sexiest sets of lingerie from this morning. Teasing me with a sexy smile she asks if I would like to see it, I can’t believe it and I am thinking fucking hell she is flirting with me.

Spank my ass

Walking over towards her she invites me to open her jacket and as I undo the buttons I realise she is not wearing a bra and I can see her naked pert tits, I can feel my pussy getting damp as I reach down to stroke her breasts, loving the feeling of her soft silky skin and the way her nipples grow hard. As she stands up in front of me I can feel myself getting really horny as I look at her dressed in a sexy open bottomed corset, its pulled taut around her body giving her an incredible curvy shape and I love the the soft silky lace panel at the front.

I can see the curve of her arse cheeks through her silky lace petticoat and as I gently tease it down over her bum I plant little kisses on her skin as I stroke my fingers over her silky panties. I tell her she has been a naughty girl teasing me like this and I am going to have to give her a spanking to teach her a lesson. Pulling her gently across my lap I give her arse some playful slaps, she lets out a little gasp as my hand leaves her skin pink and tingling. Oh yes she likes that, I can hear her moaning softly and I know its really turning her on. As I stand up to step out of my clothes I can see her sat on the chair, her legs are splayed wide and I can see the damp patch on her silky knickers.

Kneeling down in between her legs I gently ease her panties to one side and she gasps out loud as my tongue slides over her clit and as I flick my tongue over it I can feel her body trembling as I begin to build her climax. Slipping my fingers deep inside I finger fuck her hard and fast and I can feel her pussy muscles tightening as she arches her body up against my hand. As her orgasm explodes out, sending waves of pleasurable sensations through her pussy, I can feel her love juice trickling out over my fingers dribbling down the inside of her thighs. Her sexy cunt tasted so sweet I want more and I cant wait to pleasure her again but she smiles at me as she orders me to sit in the chair telling me its her turn to have her wicked way with me now, well what can I do but obey after all she is the boss and I can’t deny my pussy is begging for some attention.

Retro vintage erotica from the millennium past – PART THREE

She is moaning softly as my fingers brush against her pussy lips and I can feel how damp she is as I slowly stroke her, she spreads her legs wider as I gently part her lips and slip my fingers inside her.

Bottom spanking

Cupping my hand round her firm taut bum I thrust my fingers in deeper and I can feel her love juice wet and warm as she begins to ride my hand. I can feel her pussy muscles contracting as she starts to build her climax, she is panting hard as my fingers thrust in deeper and faster, her hands gripping my shoulders as her orgasm races through her body. I can feel her shuddering as her cum explodes out over my fingers, dribbling out of her pussy and trickling down the inside of her thighs. I can feel my own pussy hot and wet and I feel so horny hearing her moaning and seeing her tremble as the pleasurable sensations flood through her body. Smiling at me she tells me it is my turn and she can’t wait to spank my sexy tight little arse.

Bending me over she begins to caress me through my petticoat and I am trembling with anticipation as I wait for her to begin to spank me. My arse cheeks begin to tingle as she playfully slaps me, gently rubbing the soft silky fabric over my hot skin before spanking me again. I can feel my pussy getting wet and I am trembling as little sparks of pleasure shoot out deep inside me. As she reaches round and cups my tits in her hands I can feel my nipples throbbing as she teases them between her fingers.

Slowly lifting my petticoat up she slides her hands up between my legs, gently forcing them apart as her fingers begin to stroke my pussy. As she eases my panties to one side I let out a moan as her fingers find my clit and as she brushes up against it slowly, stroking it, I beg her to go harder and faster.

I can feel my muscles contracting as pleasurable sensations pulse through my pussy, my climax is beginning to build as my body pushes against her fingers and as my orgasm explodes deep inside me I can feel my cum bubbling out warm and wet against my thighs.

Fucking hell that was even better than any of my fantasies and as we smile at each other I know what I want for dessert after dinner. I have brought some of my girlie toys along with me and after spanking Sarah’s sexy pert bum I shall introduce her to one of my favourites and make sure she has a hen night that she will never forget.

Retro vintage erotica from the millennium past – PART TWO

Packing my case for the trip away I get a tingle of excitement as I know I will be sharing a suite with Sarah and as she is moving out of my house after the weekend I am determined to make a play for her and tell her how sexy she is and how horny she makes me feel. I think that when she sees me in my vintage underwear it might turn her on, I have chosen a full body girdle with a deep plunging neckline made of soft stretchy fabric that once on pulls me in tight in all the right places giving me amazing curves.

FF stockings

The bullet shaped bra cups make my tits stand proud and they will look fantastic under my soft silky blouse and once the suspenders are gently fixed to my silky tan stockings I know my legs will look amazing. My petticoat is white silky satin with circles of lace sewn in finishing in a very deep lacy bottom which will show sexily beneath my skirt and when I move it will rustle sensuously against my silky stockings.

Arriving at our destination we are shown up to our suite which has two separate bedrooms, in each they have placed a bottle of wine in a cooler and a basket of fruit on the table. Giggling like schoolgirls we open the wine and go into our bedrooms to get dressed for the evening, I am starting to feel horny as I step into my lingerie, gently smoothing my stockings up over my legs so the silky band sits snugly around my warm thighs.

My body feels tight and snug in my girdle and as I step into my skirt I love the way my waist looks so tiny as I fasten my belt around my body. The wine is starting to make me feel tipsy as I slip my feet into my high heel shoes and give a little twirl in front of the mirror, lifting up handfuls of my skirt so I can admire my silky lacy petticoat.

Coming out of her bedroom I can see that Sarah has had a couple of glasses of wine and she is smiling as she twirls around in front of me giving me glimpses of her underwear. Walking over to her I tell her how sexy she looks and that I feel horny just looking at her, I am amazed when Sarah tells me she feels exactly the same way. Standing next to her I lift up the skirt of her dress, and I can see the shape of her pert little arse through her petticoat, running my hands over the soft silky material I start to stroke her cheeks, I begin to give them playful little slaps. She gasps as my hand leaves her skin tingling and as I spank her a little harder I can feel her arse cheeks contracting and when I lift up her slip and gently pull her panties down I can see her skin glowing pink.

She is panting softly now as I gently stroke her tingling skin and as she leans into kiss me I can feel months of pent up frustration melting away as her soft tongue teases open my lips and slips inside my mouth.

Unzipping her dress it slides off her body falling to the floor and I can feel my pussy start to get hot and horny as she stands there in all her silky tight underwear. As I reach for her I can smell her delicate perfume and stroking her skin I can feel how soft and silky her body is. As I gently ease her tits out of her bra she gasps as my mouth closes around one of her nipples and as I begin to slowly suck on it I can feel it grow hard against my lips. She begins to tremble as I slowly move down her body, giving her skin little kisses as I slide down over her stomach and my hands begin to stroke the inside of her thighs.

Retro vintage erotica from the millennium past – PART ONE

My best mate Sarah is getting married in a couple of weeks and she has organised a weekend away for her hen night, its going to be held in this very posh country club where we can indulge ourselves in sheer luxury. The place looks fantastic in the brochure all timber beams and huge fireplaces and its set right in the heart of the country surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

Petticoat passions

We will be quite a big group as eighteen of us are going and we are all really excited as the brochure promises a sauna, swimming pool, massages and for the energetic ones amongst us horse riding and tennis lessons. On the Saturday evening she has hired one of the private rooms for a special dinner party and she wants us all to dress in 1950s’ retro clothes right down to the underwear everything has got to be authentic.

I share Sarah’s love of vintage clothes and can often be found rooting around in the local charity shops, I have discovered some beautiful dresses which are very small waisted with very full skirts, perfect for wearing frothy, lacy petticoats underneath. We also search the web as there are a lot of sites devoted to vintage clothes although some of these can be very expensive. The underwear from that era is like nothing we girls wear today, The bras were made to give the girls very pointed tits and this was achieved with circular stitching around the cups which gave the breasts a conical shape. Girls were a lot curvier in the 50s’, think Jane Russell and Lana Turner with their curvy pointed tits and impossibly small waists curving out to rounded hips and arse.

Sarah and I met at work and we get on really well together so when I got a divorce and moved house she came and rented a room from me. She is a very attractive girl with an amazing sexy little body and I often found myself getting quite horny when she walked around the house half naked. I would leave my bedroom door open so that I could get a glimpse of her sexy body when she came out naked from the bathroom and when I pleasured myself with one of my girlie toys I often fantasised that it was her fucking me. I have never let onto her that I feel this way because I felt if I made a move on her and she didn’t feel the same then I would have ruined a beautiful friendship.