Sexy babes with big tits no panties and stockings – PART ONE

During my working hours I have to behave with a lot of decorum, very proper and ladylike. I work for a large computer firm and my job involves making appointments with heads of companies to demonstrate any new software that we are marketing. Its a good job and I am very well paid, I drive a very sexy little sports car and I have a very smart flat in the city. In fact you could say I have everything that could make a girl happy and you would be right but sometimes a girl can get very bored having everything. I dress very smart for work, I always wear a suit with high heels and stockings and get chatted up all the time by the men I go to see but when it happens all the time even this can get very boring.

Sexy flasher

I am told I am a very attractive girl and I keep my figure well toned with several visits a week to the gym. I work hard at keeping my sexy little arse curvy and one hundred sit ups at a time means my stomach is flat and nicely defined and shows off the cheeky little diamond piercing in my belly button a treat. At first flirting with all the fellas made the job fun, dressing and looking the way I do I think I could sell sand to the Arabs but like I said before boredom has slowly seeped into my life and I wanted to spice it up somehow. I have a smashing boyfriend called Adam, we have been living together for a couple of years and have a wicked sex life and we are always dreaming up new ideas to pleasure each other.

I love to dress up for him in sexy silky lingerie, you know the whole works with stockings and suspenders, it drives him absolutely wild. I spend a lot of my wages on sexy underwear and buy most of it in a specialist shop in town, most of their lingerie is designer label and is made from the sheerest chiffon and silky lacy satin. It feels expensive as you run your hands over the silky fabric and I love the little finishing touches of the softly tied ribbons and satin frilled edges. I have different drawers filled with satin basques, sensuous silky camisoles and sheer satin French knickers, all with delicate lace inserts and edging. I love the pure colour of white but my favourite is black lingerie I find this wickedly sexy.

Out of all my lingerie Adam loves me to wear a basque he likes to do up all the little hook and eyes running down the back, he finds them very sexy. He likes the way I lean forward and lift my full tits into the cups and then adjust them so that they sit snug inside, the lace edge sitting sexily against my cleavage. He likes to watch as I smooth down the satin lace bodice and he loves the way it makes my waist look so curvy and how the lace edge flares out over my hips, he always makes a play of my suspenders as they dangle down, snapping them so they flick back against my skin.
If he doesn’t grab me at this stage and fuck my brains out I am able to slip into a pair of panties, pulling them up over my smooth arse cheeks and fitting them snugly around my waist.

Mature and in her prime sexy babe Sandy looks very fuckable

SCENE ONE: Mature and in her prime, sexy babe Sandy looks very fuckable in her office suit and when she gets talked into stripping before the camera she is reluctant to start with but soon gets into the power of the pussy and even loses her pink panties to give us the pleasure of seeing this babes well wanked pussy explode over the camera.

SCENE TWO: In the changing room come and watch Sandy strip and try on some new really tight clothes that show off her curves and tight pussy.

SCENE THREE: Gypsy babe in the barn likes to play, top comes down and those firm perky tits come out for a squeeze and the long skirt gets raised to reveal hot nylon pantyhose and wet pink pussy.

SCENE FOUR: Milk Maid enjoys a tea break play in the hay, hot pussy in tight shorts and when it is horny well what can a girl do. Sandy teases her sexy body in the privacy of her workplace.

SCENE FIVE: Stockings and lingerie teaser for the underwear fetish lovers. Teasy stockings and lingerie glamour.

SCENE SIX: Up my skirt, stockings, panties, suspenders and lace lingerie for the Upskirt lovers.

SCENE SEVEN: Voyeur nude sun bathing (secretly filmed)

SCENE EIGHT: Sandy loves different looks and here in her red big hair wig and ultra tight clothes she gets playful in front of the camera ……. ENJOY!!!!


Sandy Dear

Dawn loves it when her girlfriend Sarah dresses up

Home from a hard day’s work Dawn wants nothing more than to get her hands on her lesbian lover Sarah! Sarah has spent all afternoon getting ready to alleviate Dawns hard day appearing in the bedroom in sexy lingerie and nylons.

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Ladies in nylons

Perky tits peek out from her lacy corset and her nipples go hard

Her first shoot, Dawn has had butterflies all morning in anticipation of taking her clothes off to camera but the idea of all those eyes looking at her body and getting off on it has made her moist and so excited!!

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Black nylons

Mature lady who loves playing dress up in vintage lingerie – Part One

Thank God its Saturday, finished work for the week and really excited about this evening. Tonight a big band is coming to my hometown and my girlfriend and I have got tickets to get in. We have spent weeks deciding what to wear, we want to look our best as some of the solders from the nearby camp will be going. Oooh all those handsome hunks in their uniforms, its enough to make a girls knees turn to water.

fully fashioned nylons

Laying in the bath with all these lovely bubbles I could feel a tingle of excitement about the night ahead, would I meet some good looking guy. Being newly divorced I was missing sex, now I know a lady isn’t supposed to admit that and I know some of my friends would be horrified if they could hear me. Just thinking about a guy kissing me all over, and gently fingering my pussy to get me turned on is making me horny. Stroking myself in the bath water I could feel my nipples harden as I tweaked them, my hand slowly going down to find that delicious soft spot between my legs, oh god that feels so good.

Fingers sliding in and out, teasing my clit which was becoming hard and responsive, little shudders going through my body as I could feel myself begin to cum. My breathe coming in little gasps now as my fingers worked harder and faster, heat flooding my body as the orgasm exploded inside me leaving me weak and trembling.
Going into the bedroom I could see all my beautiful lingerie laid out ready for me to wear. The first thing I was going to put on was my red and black satin basque, this felt cool and silky against my skin and although tight makes my waist look really small, I have to adjust my breasts into the cups so that they sit pert and high above the lace top. Now I step into my girdle and this sits perfectly around my bum and makes it look rounded and curvy, the long suspenders ending in little satin covered buttons.

Rolling the stockings up my legs and smoothing them out around my thighs I check to make sure the seams are straight before clipping them onto the buttons. My panties are a bit naughty, they are sheer black lace with only a modesty gusset, you can see the skin of my bum through them especially when I bend over. My petticoat is made up of yards of silk and lace, the lace rustles against my stockings as I walk and I can feel the silkiness against my bare thighs.
Leaving for the dance I take one more quick look in the mirror, my dress is strapless and you can see a little hint of cleavage and as I slip my feet into my black high heeled shoes I do a little twirl feeling very beautiful and sexy.

Horny therapist who has her own hang up for sexy red lingerie – PART THREE

Well let me tell you, my nickname amongst my girlfriends is Red, I love the colour and being blonde it really suits me. At work I have to wear dark suits to look professional, I can introduce a little colour with a red blouse or a scarf but its only really when I am at home that I can indulge in dressing up in my favourite clothes. As you can imagine my drawers are full of beautiful red lingerie, I think my body looks so sexy in this colour and I have every style you can think of. After a hard day at the office nothing relaxes me more than having a shower, moisturising with a creamy perfumed body lotion, smoothing it all over my skin so its silky soft and smelling delicious. With my hair gleaming and my toenails painted a very fetching deep red I am ready to choose some wickedly sexy lingerie to wear.

Panties and nylons

My red suspender belt is made of satin and it feels cool and sensual as I wrap it around my waist, reaching behind me to do up all the little hooks and eyes. I smooth it down over my tummy and as I look down I can see the top of my muff peeking out underneath. I choose a pair of full red, soft velvety panties, as I step into these and slide them up over my thighs they sit nice and snug over my bum cheeks, running my hands over the fabric it feels like my arse is covered in a very soft silky fur. I pull each of my suspenders through the leg of my panties and with a feeling of excitement take a pair of red seamed stockings out of the packet. As I carefully roll each one up my legs, smoothing the soft red nylon around my ankles and calves, I feed each little suspender button through the silky band around my thighs. The seams look so sexy running up the back of my legs and with a final adjustment I slip my beautiful red dress over my head and it slides down my body, rustling as it slips over my stockings.

Seeing how sexy and sensual I look in the mirror I start to imagine sharing it with a particularly attractive patient that I have seen that day, with my wicked imagination it could be either boy or girl. Usually though it is one of my female patients, remembering them wanking hard and fast with one of my toys, having so much fun for the first time in their lives leaves me reaching for my big hard red dildo. I am wet already as I start to play and of course I know exactly what to do with it as I lubricate it with my juices before slipping it inside. With my eyes closed I imagine it is her hand using the toy and as she finds my clit I can feel the vibrating tip start to make it hard as the feelings shoot up through my pussy. Slowly at first she moves it in and out, each time it goes in it slides back over my clit and my arse cheeks rise up off the floor to meet it, I tell her to go in deeper now and to go a little faster, I gasp as she pushes it in as far it will go. Moving my hand quicker I imagine her beginning to wank me faster and harder and I can feel my climax start as my arse and pussy muscles start to spasm, I am gasping for breathe now as I feel my orgasm explode, my cum dribbling out around the dildo and my body shuddering as the
last of my climax dies away.

Laying back on my pillows I know I have a wicked evening in front of me, all that pent up sexual feeling that I have had to keep under control all day will need at least an hour or so of my pussy being fucked with my toys before I feel totally satisfied. And of course all this self therapy keeps me on top of my job so to speak, when I tell a female patient how and where to use a dildo I am of course speaking from personal as well as professional experience. So if any of you out there feel in need of a little sexual therapy, don’t hesitate to phone my office, there is a bit of a waiting list of course because I am exceptionally good at my job.

Spend some time with Jo while she tries on some of her sexy panties

SCENE ONE: Jo loves uniforms as you are going to see, Major Muff in full regulation lingerie, stockings and girdle she strips and plays for you. When her secret weapon comes out to play then the action starts and she has one sexy wet pussy that wants pleasure.

SCENE TWO: Sexy sixthformer tries on her Mum’s stockings and suspenders and likes the feelings she gets between her legs when she wears them. Now she knows why the other girls get so much attention when they are in stockings. Watch me wank my clit.

SCENE THREE: Tracy Dick …… Make My Day Punks!!!
Dressed in her Gangster Gal kit this powerful sexy blonde will shoot your nuts off unless you play ball with her.

Arrest me baby I will be your prisoner for the night. Policewoman in fashioned stockings, suspenders, fuck me boots,
sexy lace panties and one wet pussy that gets a vibrating truncheon in deep.

SCENE FIVE: Saucy Wench in see thru top and panties plus legs that go forever in high heeled PVC white boots.
In the barn for a fag and a wank as she gets horny with all the customers looking at her hot body.

SCENE SIX: Office pussy in pantyhose one for the lover of nylon. Short skirt and tight top and a horny blonde.
Cum and take some dick_tation Miss May!!! She wears it well and can she tease… Horny Bitch and Hot Pussy in nylon.

SCENE SEVEN: My sexy undies, spend some time with Jo while she tries on some of her sexy panties and lingerie with you.
Stockings, suspenders and nice tight panties over her designer pussy.

SCENE EIGHT: Gypsy Jo, let me tell your fortune and yes you are going to meet a tall sexy blonde who wants to take her panties down for you and let you watch her wank her hot wet pussy ….. It’s all in the stars and under Jo’s skirt.

SCENE NINE: Mucky Maid at your service …. Full maids outfit with fashioned stockings and silky undies. Upskirt tease and strip with
lots of saucy dialogue and pussy play when the panties slide down those sexy legs.


sexy lingerie