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SCENE ONE: Mrs Ashley wants a better discount and when you are blonde, sexy and dressed in fully fashioned stockings she knows how to get a better deal. The salesman also gets a pretty good deal as well and fucks this stocking babe good. Stocking worship, oral, BJ, shagging and cumshot over stockings and babes tits. Plenty of close ups of horny Lindsey getting her discount.

SCENE TWO: The secretary wants a rise and the Boss Babe wants her to earn it. Being the boss she enjoys some spanking pleasure both receiving and giving. Two sexy babes in spanking fetish.

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This boss expects all the most from her PA – PART TWO

Although her nature is very feisty and she can be really tough to deal with she always dresses in a feminine way and she always wears stockings and high heels to the office and I have to admit I find her really sexy.

Office lingerie babes

Sometimes I can feel quite horny when I look at her sat in her office chair and she is chatting away on the phone and as she crosses over her legs and her skirt rides up a little bit I get a quick glimpse of her stocking tops. Or she might be bending over the filing cabinet and her short little skirt pulls taut across her curvy arse showing me a peak of her lacy slip underneath. I sometimes feel my panties getting damp as I imagine what it would be like to pleasure her sexy little body.

I don’t think she has any idea how I feel about her although she is always paying me compliments on what I am wearing and tells me how pretty I look when I change my hair style or wear an outfit to the office that she hasn’t seen before. The hardest time for me is if she comes over to my desk to look at something on the computer screen, I can smell her sexy perfume on her skin and as she leans in towards me, her body brushing up against mine, I can feel myself getting horny as she puts a hand on my shoulder as she carries on chatting. I am sure she must be able to feel me trembling and hear the catch in my breath as I struggle to keep myself under control.

There is many I night I go home from the office feeling so sexually frustrated that I can’t wait to get my clothes off and play with one of my girlie toys, pleasuring myself while I fantasise that she is laying on the bed with me. I imagine undressing her down to her silky soft lingerie making her go weak and submissive as I slowly make love to her body. Bringing her to a climax time and time again using my tongue and my fingers until she is begging for me to stop. I imagine I am finger fucking her, watching her body writhing on the bed and I can hear her panting hard as the waves of pleasurable sensations pulse through her. My fantasy always leaves me wet and my pussy throbbing when I finish a play session with my toy.

Getting into the office this morning I remember that Natalie is doing a modelling shoot for her friend, she is launching a whole new range of lingerie and we both got excited when she sent us some of the photos showing it dressed on the mannequins she uses. It all looked so incredibly sexy, she had used a lot of lace and chiffon and the designs of some the suspender belts and corsets looked fantastic. She has promised to show me some of the silky underwear when she gets back but that won’t be until after lunch. Its busy in the office this morning so the time goes quite quickly but I can still feel a tingle of excitement when I think of what she is going to be bringing back for me to see.

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SCENE FIVE: Mature Maid Chloe enjoys her work and polishing her hot pussy and she knows you are watching you. When her panties come down she invites you to wank with her and enjoy her tea break dunking fingers not digestives!!.

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This boss expects all the most from her PA – PART ONE

I work for a very successful, ambitious girl, she is only 25years old and already has her own model agency with some forty girls on her books. She was a model herself up until two years ago but she got fed up with the demands of the companies she worked for and decided to set up her own company. The bank were a bit reluctant to fund it at first as she was so young but she has such a forceful nature that the poor Bank Manger didn’t stand a chance. Her first office was a dingy little back street place but with her knowledge of the industry and all the contacts she had made over the years the agency soon grew to the size it is today. She still gets asked to model herself as she is a really attractive girl with a fantastic curvy figure and occasionally she will model for one of her friends who is a lingerie designer.

Lesbian office sex

She told me she only does this because she loves to wear silky sexy underwear and this particular designer makes some of the most beautiful lingerie in the shops today. The best of it is she gets to keep everything she models and on top of that gets a huge discount on anything she buys. She is good to me in as much as when the catalogue from the company comes into the office she tells me to choose something and she will buy it for me as a present. I think this is to make up for the temper tantrums she has at times when she goes around the office yelling at everyone making some of the other girls cry when she shouts at them. She isn’t a total bitch though because she is always sorry afterwards and takes us all out for a slap up meal to apologise, her problem is that she is a perfectionist and wants everything just so.

I have been working for her for just over a year now and when I came for the interview she spent the first half an hour trying to persuade me to become one of her models. People have always said I am attractive with a very toned sexy looking body but that sort of job has never appealed to me although I do enjoy being admired and complimented on my looks. She got quite aggressive with me during the interview when she couldn’t get her own way but soon realised she had met her match when I told her either we discussed the job I had applied for or I was leaving her office there and then. I could see a new respect in her eyes as she looked at me and realised I wasn’t joking, obviously I got the job and now spend my time trying to keep everything running smoothly in her office.

Party totty in hot pantie girdle and nylons – PART THREE

His eyes light up as he sees us and we sit chatting for a few minutes before he takes us to the dance room where the poles are and calls one of the girls to take us back stage and give us a costume to wear. Once we are dressed in sexy little outfits that leave almost nothing to the imagination the music starts and a tall sexy girl starts to go through her routine, as I thought lots of sexy movements around and on the pole and I start to get damp and turned on just watching her. I began to realise why the guys liked it so much and when I voiced this out loud the Boss informed me that his audiences included a lot of girls as well as fellas. Sally did her practise first and she looked really cool and sexy as she hugged that pole between those thighs of hers and the Boss was obviously pleased as he offered her a job. Sally had to leave as she had an appointment and I started to go through my routine for him, fuck me that pole was cold against my pussy.

Black nylons

I obviously did okay as he offered me a job too taking me into his office we agreed when Sally and I would start. He said he would leave me to get dressed and that he would be waiting outside when I finished. Getting dressed back into my beautiful lingerie I suddenly realised the lights weren’t on outside the office and peeping through the blinds I could see the guy standing there in the dark. With the light coming from the office I realised he had a birds eye view of me getting dressed, horny bastard I thought he has stood there ogling my body and probably getting a huge hard on. The thought of that started to turn me on, I was already damp from watching the girl doing her pole dance and now knowing he was staring at me I was beginning to feel really horny.

There was a big floor standing mirror in his office so feeling sexy I began to put on my own floor show for him to see, pouting and teasing I played my hands all over my body. Playing to the mirror I knew he could see everything I was doing and I imagined his hard cock throbbing in his hand as he slowly started to wank his shaft. Slipping my arms out of the straps of my bra I cupped my full warm tits in my hands, rolling my nipples between my fingers and tweaking them so they got really hard, I could feel my love juices making my pussy wet as I brushed my hand in between my legs. Sitting on his bench I spread my legs wide, seeing the reflection of my glistening pussy in the mirror I gently began to stroke it, oh yes I bet he is wanking harder and faster now. Gently parting my pussy lips I slip my fingers inside and moving my hand slowly I start to wank myself, feeling my juices wetting my fingers.

I move my hand faster and can feel the muscles tighten deep inside of me and I can feel little shooting sensations as I wank myself faster, my legs are trembling as I feel my climax start to build and I am panting and letting out little groaning sounds as my orgasm explodes and I can feel my cum spurt out against my fingers dribbling down between my arse cheeks and wetting his seat. I imagine he has spurted his spunk by now and it will be dripping off his hand as his body shudders from the last of the intense feelings running through his body. Sitting there smiling I hoped he enjoyed my little tease I know I did and who knows, as I get to know him better maybe it will be his pole I will be dancing around!

Party totty in hot pantie girdle and nylons – PART TWO

The more I thought about his idea the more I liked it, they paid really good money and I was sure after a couple of lessons Sal and I would pick it up easily. Like I said we have got thigh muscles made of iron and from what I knew it involved wrapping your legs around a pole and moving sexily.

Waist girdle

Sally agreed to do it if I would so we went back over to Frank the trainer and asked for his brothers address so that we could pop down and see him. Giving us his brothers address he said he would ring him and put in a good word for us and he hoped we would see each other again either in the gym or at his brothers place or maybe go out for a drink together some time, I said that would be great but lets see if we get the job first. Phoning his brother he asked if we could go there at 2pm the next day.

The next day feeling a bit nervous I wanted to look my best and for me that always starts with my lingerie. I love to feel soft silky fabric against my skin and my favourite piece of underwear is a girdle. It all started when one of the productions I worked on was an old fashioned musical and our costumes were stockings and girdles. Putting one on for the first time I loved the way the stretchy fabric pulled in my stomach and thighs feeling really tight against my skin, when I tugged it down it showed off my lovely curvy bum. The ones I have bought myself since are usually made of stretchy satin panels with a crimped lace edge and I have them in a range of colours but the white ones are my favourites.

Today I am going to wear a sheer white chiffon bra decorated in little lacy flowers, when I slip my arms in the straps sliding them onto my shoulders I bend forward to lift my tits
inside the cups, and I have gently adjust them so they sit snugly inside. Looking down I can see my smooth brown skin glowing through the chiffon and notice the little lace flowers cover my nipples perfectly.
Stepping into one of my white girdles and sliding it up my thighs I have to wiggle my arse to get it up over my bum cheeks to fit around my waist. I feel incredibly sexy now, it feels so snug and tight and the suspenders dangle down against my thighs ready for m stockings. I am a bit of a dirty bitch I don’t wear panties underneath, the girdle comes down low over my pussy so I have never felt the need to wear any.

A sexy pair of seamed black stockings come next and taking them carefully out of the packet I roll them into a little ball leaving just the toe piece so I can slip my foot inside. Smoothing them up my legs I love the feel of the silky nylon against my skin and the way the thick soft band sits snugly against the top of my legs. My seams look very sexy running from my ankles all the way up my legs to the top of my thighs and as I fix each little button on my suspenders onto the stockings I love how tight they pull against my skin. Lastly I choose a pair of my very high heeled shoes these will make sure I walk with a wiggle to my arse which will look very sexy when I have on my tight little skirt.

Meeting Sally outside the club we go in together and are pleasantly surprised to see how swish it is, not a bit sleazy which we were a bit worried it might have been. The receptionist greets us and takes us to see the Boss, he turns out to be as good looking as Frank and obviously uses his gym.