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Passion for panties

Pretty in pink lingerie leggy babe Carrissa – Part THREE

I know that he is getting glimpses of my stocking tops and the bulge in the front of his trousers tells me he loves what he sees.

Stockings and suspenders

Chatting and flirting we set up the display and he explains that he needs to take some photos for the companies catalogue but with all the customers around could we do it at closing time. He said he new it was a bit of a cheek asking me to stay later but promised me a slap up meal afterwards.

Well the last of the customers have gone and Steve has got his camera ready, he said the furniture would look a lot better with a pretty girl stretched out on it. Laying on the lounger smiling into the camera he takes his photos and after about twenty or so shots of the complete set including the table and chairs he says he is finished.

I cheekily ask if he wants some more photos for his own private catalogue. So while he fumbles to put another film in I slowly start to undress, really enjoying myself doing teasy little poses for him. Slowly slipping out of my petticoat Steve groans when he sees me in my basque and stockings with no panties on, he collapses onto a chair as I lay down on the lounger. As I open my legs wide so that he can see my damp pussy, I run my hands up my silky clad legs, he has taken his hard throbbing cock out and is now slowly stroking his shaft. Taking my soft slip I run it gently in between my legs feeling the silkiness against my pussy lips, making it damp with my juices as I begin to feel hot and horny.

Steve is groaning and wanking his cock faster now as I take one of my toys out of my handbag, running it around my tongue to get it nice and wet I gently open my pussy lips and slip it inside. I gasp as the vibrating tip touches my clit, sending tremors through my body as I press harder making it throb with pleasure, I am moaning now and panting fast as I can feel the first of my orgasms begin to build. My arse cheeks clench as my back arches up off the bed, pleasurable sensations are racing through my body and I can feel my pussy muscles contract as my climax explodes leaving me panting and trembling as my cum trickles out over my fingers.

I watch and I can see Steve bringing himself to his climax, his stiff cock is pulsing as his hand wanks it harder and faster and he lets out a long groan as his cum spurts out over the tip and he slowly squeezes his shaft as his body shudders and the last of his cum dribbles out.

I smile over at him as I ask if I will have to sell the set as shop soiled now, grinning he comes over to me and he says it hasn’t been properly christened yet and laying his body in between my legs he proceeds to tell me exactly what he has in mind. Come and see me again and I might just let you into what happened next!