Retro vintage erotica from the millennium past – PART ONE

My best mate Sarah is getting married in a couple of weeks and she has organised a weekend away for her hen night, its going to be held in this very posh country club where we can indulge ourselves in sheer luxury. The place looks fantastic in the brochure all timber beams and huge fireplaces and its set right in the heart of the country surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful scenery.

Petticoat passions

We will be quite a big group as eighteen of us are going and we are all really excited as the brochure promises a sauna, swimming pool, massages and for the energetic ones amongst us horse riding and tennis lessons. On the Saturday evening she has hired one of the private rooms for a special dinner party and she wants us all to dress in 1950s’ retro clothes right down to the underwear everything has got to be authentic.

I share Sarah’s love of vintage clothes and can often be found rooting around in the local charity shops, I have discovered some beautiful dresses which are very small waisted with very full skirts, perfect for wearing frothy, lacy petticoats underneath. We also search the web as there are a lot of sites devoted to vintage clothes although some of these can be very expensive. The underwear from that era is like nothing we girls wear today, The bras were made to give the girls very pointed tits and this was achieved with circular stitching around the cups which gave the breasts a conical shape. Girls were a lot curvier in the 50s’, think Jane Russell and Lana Turner with their curvy pointed tits and impossibly small waists curving out to rounded hips and arse.

Sarah and I met at work and we get on really well together so when I got a divorce and moved house she came and rented a room from me. She is a very attractive girl with an amazing sexy little body and I often found myself getting quite horny when she walked around the house half naked. I would leave my bedroom door open so that I could get a glimpse of her sexy body when she came out naked from the bathroom and when I pleasured myself with one of my girlie toys I often fantasised that it was her fucking me. I have never let onto her that I feel this way because I felt if I made a move on her and she didn’t feel the same then I would have ruined a beautiful friendship.

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