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During the evening we sat around a small table drinking and laughing when we weren’t up dancing, I had made sure that I sat next to her, sitting close so that our bodies touched and I could smell her delicious perfume on her skin.

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It wasn’t long before I realised that Anna felt the same way about me as I felt her hand begin to stroke my leg under the table. My panties quickly getting damp as she inched her fingers under the hem of my dress, softly stroking my skin through my silky stockings. At the end of the evening when all four of us had got friendly I suggested going back to my place, I am very lucky to have my own house that had been willed to me by my Grandparents. I was trying to figure a way of getting Anna on her own, I couldn’t wait to undress her and run my hands all over her sexy little body.

Luckily mine and Anna’s friend said they were tired and were going to make their way home and as I said goodbye to them on the doorstep I tried not to look to eager that they were leaving. Going back into the front room I could see Anna laying back against the couch smiling sexily up at me as I walked towards her. I could feel my body trembling with excitement now we were alone and as I sat down beside her I gently put my hands against her face, drawing her towards me as my lips found hers. Her mouth felt so soft as my tongue slipped inside and I could feel the gentle pressure of her lips against mine. God I was getting wet and horny as I slowly undid the zip of her dress, gently easing off it off her shoulders so it slipped down around her waist.

Easing it over her hips to let it fall on the floor, I could see she looked so sexy with her body dressed in her suspenders and stockings and I could feel my pussy throb as I glimpsed her soft mound through the silky fabric of her panties. Carefully undoing the fastenings on her bra I released her pert tits out of their lacy cups and as I reached out to gently caress her soft skin I could hear her breathing faster. Leaning down I put my lips around her nipple, feeling it growing hard as I sucked on it, nibbling it gently between my teeth. Laying her back against the cushions I kissed the soft bare area at the top of her stockings and ass splayed her legs wildly for me I could hear her moaning softly as she felt my tongue on her pussy, licking and teasing her through her silky panties.

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SCENE ONE: Sexy Retro babe Martha just loves silk and lace undies. Watch her strip and tease you in her silk slip, lace basque with full back silky panties and seamed black stockings with the highest of heels to show off this babes hot legs. Lace panties come down and her hot wet pussy needs some satisfaction and this girl really knows how to satisfy herself when she is on her own but it is even better with you watching and her interacting with you.

SCENE TWO: Angel in silk cami top, lace panties stockings and suspenders likes to look at herself in the mirror and her sexy undies do it for her. As she knows you are watching her panties slide down to show of here hot pussy so you can watch her wank. Girly noises as she strips and plays for you.

SCENE THREE: Hot mature babe Jackie with no bra under her jacket and with such firm tits with perky nipples that can be teased all the time as her jacket moves over them why wear a bra, plus wandering hands can get to them Oh So quickly. This horny bitch can’t wait to slide her panties down to keep her ankles warm and get to her trembling wet snatch and pleasure it as she will tell you and show you of course in close up detail. Finger fucks and vibro action with extremely horny natural orgasms.

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SCENE NINE: Horny Ashley with no panties wants to play and for you to watch. Teasy girl strips off her brassiere and lays back in her girdle and fishnets and spreads her legs wide so you can enjoy close up views of her hot sexy pussy as she plays for you and herself. Naturally sexy babe wanks set to music with girly moans of pleasure.


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SCENE ONE: Mrs Ashley wants a better discount and when you are blonde, sexy and dressed in fully fashioned stockings she knows how to get a better deal. The salesman also gets a pretty good deal as well and fucks this stocking babe good. Stocking worship, oral, BJ, shagging and cumshot over stockings and babes tits. Plenty of close ups of horny Lindsey getting her discount.

SCENE TWO: The secretary wants a rise and the Boss Babe wants her to earn it. Being the boss she enjoys some spanking pleasure both receiving and giving. Two sexy babes in spanking fetish.

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This boss expects all the most from her PA – PART TWO

Although her nature is very feisty and she can be really tough to deal with she always dresses in a feminine way and she always wears stockings and high heels to the office and I have to admit I find her really sexy.

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Sometimes I can feel quite horny when I look at her sat in her office chair and she is chatting away on the phone and as she crosses over her legs and her skirt rides up a little bit I get a quick glimpse of her stocking tops. Or she might be bending over the filing cabinet and her short little skirt pulls taut across her curvy arse showing me a peak of her lacy slip underneath. I sometimes feel my panties getting damp as I imagine what it would be like to pleasure her sexy little body.

I don’t think she has any idea how I feel about her although she is always paying me compliments on what I am wearing and tells me how pretty I look when I change my hair style or wear an outfit to the office that she hasn’t seen before. The hardest time for me is if she comes over to my desk to look at something on the computer screen, I can smell her sexy perfume on her skin and as she leans in towards me, her body brushing up against mine, I can feel myself getting horny as she puts a hand on my shoulder as she carries on chatting. I am sure she must be able to feel me trembling and hear the catch in my breath as I struggle to keep myself under control.

There is many I night I go home from the office feeling so sexually frustrated that I can’t wait to get my clothes off and play with one of my girlie toys, pleasuring myself while I fantasise that she is laying on the bed with me. I imagine undressing her down to her silky soft lingerie making her go weak and submissive as I slowly make love to her body. Bringing her to a climax time and time again using my tongue and my fingers until she is begging for me to stop. I imagine I am finger fucking her, watching her body writhing on the bed and I can hear her panting hard as the waves of pleasurable sensations pulse through her. My fantasy always leaves me wet and my pussy throbbing when I finish a play session with my toy.

Getting into the office this morning I remember that Natalie is doing a modelling shoot for her friend, she is launching a whole new range of lingerie and we both got excited when she sent us some of the photos showing it dressed on the mannequins she uses. It all looked so incredibly sexy, she had used a lot of lace and chiffon and the designs of some the suspender belts and corsets looked fantastic. She has promised to show me some of the silky underwear when she gets back but that won’t be until after lunch. Its busy in the office this morning so the time goes quite quickly but I can still feel a tingle of excitement when I think of what she is going to be bringing back for me to see.

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SCENE ONE: Voluptuous sexy maid Lee is tidying her mistress’s home when she finds a magazine full of other voluptuous ladies with big Titties. Obviously her boss likes girls with curvy figures and Lee knows now why she got the job and that  her boss has the hot’s for her and that gets the Maid rather wet and in need of some pussy servicing with her bosses large dildo.

SCENE TWO: Maid Rachel cleans her fetish room and explains why she enjoys being in there and what it does to her pussy when she re calls all the sexy fun that is had in the bondage room.

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SCENE FIVE: Mature Maid Chloe enjoys her work and polishing her hot pussy and she knows you are watching you. When her panties come down she invites you to wank with her and enjoy her tea break dunking fingers not digestives!!.

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