Virgin white petticoat panties and sexy stripper Fleur

Virgin white lace bra, silky lace French knickers, lace topped stockings and suspenders plus my layered petticoat. Want to see me strip and tease and excite myself right in front of your very eyes. Let me tell you if you like babes in sexy lingerie then you will love this movie.


Busty beauty Zoe is all woman nothing fake here

Zoe was given curves that most women only dream off and she dresses them to the very best in horny nylon stockings finished off with calf defining high heels!
Her smooth pussy covered in only the sexiest white lace panties just covering the fun beneath.

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Stockings and suspenders

Shes hot and horny and loves to flash her lingerie in public – PART THREE

One nudges the other as he sees me coming, I can just imagine him saying to his mate “there’s a nice looking bird” as I get within a few feet from them I flash open my coat, well the look on their faces was priceless, if the one with the spade in his hand didn’t have steel toe capped boots on I think he would have sliced his toes off, Health and Safety officers could get me arrested for that fact alone. With a big smile on my face I keep giving them little flashes, bending forward so they can see my tits, stroking my pussy lips and flashing the coat over my bum cheeks, I was very pleased to see the front of their jeans bulging. After a few more minutes of teasing them, my panties are getting damp and I am starting to feel hot and horny at the reaction I got, I blow them a little kiss and with a waggle of my fingers I make my way through the park.

Lacy stockingtops

Sitting on a bench I can see my next lucky victim, the guy is sat there eating his sandwiches and reading the newspaper, I give a little cough as I get closer and as he looks up I open my coat and he gets a full frontal, poor sod starts to choke on his food (there’s that health and safety issue rearing its ugly head again) and I can see the confusion on his face as he can’t quite believe what he is seeing. I go into full flashing mode with this guy, playing with my nipples, tweaking them and rolling them between my fingers, another quick flash and my fingers are in between my legs, I pull my pussy lips apart so he can see the pink wetness inside, flash again and my tits are on full view as I have lifted them out of the lacy bodice. The guy has the newspaper over his lap and I can see it moving as his hand creeps underneath, knowing that in two seconds the zipper will be down in his trousers and his throbbing cock will be in his hand. My juices are beginning to trickle down the insides of my thighs and I know in a few minutes I will be going home to give my pussy some fun, giving him a few more flashes I leave him wanking himself on the bench. I turn and button up my coat, a smile on my face as I know he will go and tell his work colleagues what has just happened, poor sod no one will believe him, well would you?

Getting home and shrugging out of my coat I race up the stairs to my bedroom, my pussy is throbbing and wants some relief and I know just the toy to do it with. Laying on the bed with my legs wide open I let my hand go down in between my legs, I can feel how wet I am and rolling the toy in my juices getting it nicely lubricated, I open my pussy lips and slip it inside. Oh god that feels so fucking good, I can feel the tip vibrating against my clit and it makes my arse muscles tighten as little sparks of intense feelings ripple through my pussy. Rotating it over my clit I increase the pressure and I can feel the first of my climaxes begin to build, I can hear myself breathing rapidly as I turn up the speed, god it sounds like a hundred bees are in the room with me, I start to arch my back as I begin to come, the feeling so intense that I cry out loud, my cum explodes against my toy and I can feel it dribbling out of my pussy down my hand. As I lay here gasping I put my fingers in between my legs and feel my dripping pussy, slipping them inside I start to wank slowly, I want to build this one up gently, with my fingers going in deep I start to wank a little faster, oh yes another one is starting, I can feel the heat increase inside my pussy and as I start to buck against my fingers I feel another orgasm explode inside me leaving me limp and panting on the bed.

How many of you don’t believe my wicked little story, as sexy as you think it is and what lucky bastards those three guys were, you probably think I was just playing with you and you have just had a fantastic wank over a sexy fantasy. But hey it could be true and I may live near you and you could be the next guy that I flash, remember the childhood song “if you go down in the woods today be sure of a big surprise”! Next time you’re in the park and a good looking girl in a long coat comes towards keep looking, because you just never know.

Fleur is dressed to thrill and ready to share her hot body – PART THREE

Her hand reaches out and starts to stroke my leg she says she loves the feel of a girls skin through silky nylons, I am trembling and I can feel my pussy start to tingle and my stomach flutters as her hand strokes up higher and higher.

Pussy in panties

She has pulled my dress right open now and slowly lifts it over my head, Her eyes light up when she sees my magnificent tits for the first time and she gently cups her hand round them and brings her mouth down onto my nipples, as her soft wet lips encircle
them I let out a moan as she takes one in between her teeth, gently sucking and nibbling on it. I can feel my juices dribbling out into my panties and I am breathing faster now as her hand strokes my pussy through the fabric. I am feeling so hot and horny now, I want those fingers deep inside me, wanking me hard and fast.

Her hand eases my panty leg to one side and she gently opens my pussy lips to let her fingers slip inside, my juices lubricating them as she pushes them in deep, oh that’s so good, I push up against her hand as she finds my clit and starts to flick her fingers over it.

I feel heat flooding through my body as she starts to rub my clit harder and faster, my arse lifting off the bed as I thrust against her hand urging her on telling her I am about to cum, I can feel my climax start deep inside my pussy, my muscles tighten around her fingers as I grip her hard, its coming, I can feel little shooting spasms and my body is trembling as I explode against her fingers, my cum dribbling out, wetting the inside of my thighs and dripping down the crack of my arse cheeks. Slipping her fingers out I can see how wet they are from my love juices, lifting her hand she puts her fingers in her mouth, sucking and licking my cum off them, she offers them to me so I can taste how sweet it is I love the taste of a girls juices so different from the salty taste of a guys cum.

Its my turn now, I want to get my hands on that sexy little body so I undo the zip of her skirt and slide it down over her hips so she is laying there in just her lingerie. I run my hands over her body, admiring how her pert breasts look in her sexy lacy little bra, running my tongue over the soft skin of her cleavage I give her breast little nips and kisses and rolling my tongue over her nipples she gives a moan of pleasure. Undoing her bra I slip her arms out of the straps, taking it off I take her soft breasts in my hands, caressing them, flicking my thumbs over her nipples getting her nice and wet. I move my body in between her legs and let my wet tongue trail down over her stomach, my fingers find the waistband of her panties I slide these down to her knees, I can see her wet pussy lips as she opens her legs for me. My tongue slides over the warm naked flesh of her thighs where her stockings end and as I move higher I smell her sex as my tongue opens her up and slips inside. Finding the little hard nub of her clit I let my tongue move slowly over it, her hands are on my shoulders as she pushes my face harder into her pussy begging me to go faster.

I take her clit into my mouth sucking on it hard and cupping her arse cheeks in my hands I move my tongue faster, feeling her love juice around my lips. Little shudders start to race through her body as she begins to build up her orgasm and I can feel the muscles in her arse tighten in my hands as she writhes underneath my mouth. When she cums her juices explode against my tongue and I can taste it as it rushes into my mouth dribbling out around my lips. Sliding up her body I place my lips on her mouth, her tongue slips inside as she kisses me, tasting herself and licking her juice from around my mouth.
Laying there cuddling each other Sarah giggles as she asks if a repeat performance was a mandatory rule of her lease and if not could it please be written in. Of course I agreed, I was one very happy Landlady!

Fleur is dressed to thrill and ready to share her hot body – PART ONE

Its 6.30pm and I am waiting for yet another person to come and look at the room I have to rent in my house, I didn’t think it would be so difficult when I first came up with the idea. I have decided that I would only rent to another girl as I have heard such horror stories about sharing with blokes.

Pussy in panties

No disrespect guys but some of you are nightmares to live with, because you share with a girl you expect them to do the cooking, cleaning, washing etc, etc, what is your favourite excuse, ah yes “that’s women’s work, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of Marigolds”. Well this girl for one is not putting herself up for that so it will have to be another female. I have had five people come so far but they have all had something about them I haven’t liked, one girl had three cats she thought she could bring here even though the advert said no pets!

I want someone who is at least a bit attractive if I have got to look at them while I am eating my cornflakes, yes I know looks aren’t everything but you’ve got to agree its a bloody good place to start. This is only a two bed roomed house and we will be sharing the bathroom, seeing a sexy little body wrapped in one of my small bath towels coming out the room is what I have in mind, I couldn’t face seeing someone with a body like a Russian shot-putter and face like a smacked arse first thing in the morning. I look after myself, I go to the gym regularly so I have a nicely toned figure and I regularly have a manicure and pedicure so that my feet and nails always look sexy. I love lightly tanned soft skin and even in the winter I use a spray salon in town so that my body always has a sexy brown sheen, lots of moisturiser keeps it silky smooth. Yes you could say that I pamper myself but I think you will agree my photos show it pays off.

Having such a pampered body I dress it in lots of lovely silky soft sexy lingerie, what is the point of all that work if you just throw on a grungy old pair of knickers and bra. I have drawers full of all different styles of basques and camisoles, some are very girlie with lots of ribbons and lace, some are made of sheer chiffon or satin and these feel very cool and silky against my skin. I love wearing stockings so I have a lot of suspender belts in different fabrics and colours, I especially love the deep ones that fit snugly across my stomach, pulling my waist in and making it look smaller than it is already. I don’t wear thongs I like big knickers, all that lovely silky material caressing your arse cheeks all day, or French knickers with the deep lacy hem that tickles around the top of your thighs and you get just a glimpse of your suspenders peeking through the bottom.

Take tonight for instance, I have on a pair of satin panties that cover the rounded cheeks of my bum with their silky fabric and the elastic edge pulls in tight around my crutch. My matching suspender belt is done up with little hook and eyes at the back and when its on and I have smoothed it down over my stomach I gently pull the suspenders through the leg opening of my panties. I have huge tits very heavy and full, there is no other way to describe them and they are all mine, I think I went round for second helpings when God gave them out. They look wicked in my large lacy bras, once I have done them up I lean forward and lift each one of my tits into the cups and when I have adjusted them you can see masses of silky brown cleavage spilling out the top.

Horny housewife shares her stockings with the salesman – Part Three

Fixing the little metal stocking clips into the silky band I love the way the suspenders pull taut against my skin, curving around my pert arse cheeks.

Stocking fetish

Oh my god that’s the door bell I must have taken longer to get dressed than I thought, quickly slipping into my bath robe I go and answer the front door. Standing on the step is a very fit looking guy and as he introduces himself I can’t help but notice the muscles straining against his suit jacket. I take him into the lounge and he puts all his pamphlets on my dining table as we sit down on the chairs. As I cross my legs my robe falls open showing him a good eyeful of stocking tops and he starts to stutter while going through his sales pitch. Mmmm I think to myself, if I tease him a bit more and get him really hot and horny then I might just get a big discount on my windows. Moving in a little closer to look at the photos he is showing me I can feel my robe fall open at the front and now he can see all of my sexy lingerie and I can hear him gasp as he stares at me. Playing it cool and pretending not to notice I uncross my legs and sit with them just slightly apart, I can see him squirming on the chair and I know the bulge in his trousers is beginning to get uncomfortable.

Standing up to go and make us a coffee his hand reaches out to tug one of my suspenders as he pulls me towards him. God I’m getting turned on as his hands softly caress my arse cheeks and as he strokes his fingers up and down my legs I can feel my panties beginning to get damp. As he gently lifts me up onto the table he begins to strip out of his clothes and I get my first glimpse of his hot throbbing cock and I can see he is a big boy. As he gently eases my panties to one side I can feel his hot breath on my pussy as he slips his wet tongue inside my cunt, I moan out load as he flicks it across my clit sending pleasurable sensations tingle through my body. As he works his tongue harder and faster I can feel my orgasm begin to build and my arse cheeks clenching tightly as I begin to cum. I can hear myself panting loudly as my climax races through my body, making my pussy throb as my love juice trickles out dripping down between the cleft of my arse.

Sitting up I play my silky foot over his hot cock and I can see his juices glistening on the tip of his shaft as I stroke it with my toes. Kneeling down in between his legs I begin to slowly run my tongue up and down his shaft and I can feel his body shudder as I pull his dick into my wet mouth, with one hand firmly gripping his bum cheek I pull him in tighter as I begin to suck him harder and faster. He is groaning out loud as my hand wanks his shaft and as I gently squeeze his balls I can feel him trembling as his orgasm explodes out and he shoots his cum all over my leg, I can feel it dripping over my stockings and trickling down my thighs. Fucking hell never mind a discount I think I should get my windows free of charge after that little performance, smiling at me he has promised me a rock bottom price and he says he won’t take any commission and as he is in the area again in a few days time can he come and talk to me about the guttering that needs replacing!