Mature corset queen’s suspenders PART2

Part 2 of 3
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Its like I become a different person when I get home, the professional side of me disappears as I step out of my suit and dress up in something feminine and sexy. I love to wear stockings and high heels with tight fitting corsets and girdles, although I think modern lingerie is very sexy I fell in love with the underwear from the 1950s’ era when I was in university and belonged to the drama group. We had to put on a play based on a 1950s’ drama and part of my job was to research the clothes and underwear. I loved all the old black and white photos showing girls like Marilyn Monroe wearing a full open bottom corset which gave her this amazing curvy figure. The first time I tried on a corset I couldn’t believe how stretchy the fabric was as I wrapped it around my body, tying up the laces I could feel it pulling my waist in tight and snug and I loved the way it stretched taut around my arse cheeks. [PANTIE GIRDLE]

I felt incredibly sexy as I slipped my toes into a pair of silky stockings, stroking the soft nylon up my legs before I clipped the suspenders into the soft band sitting snugly around my thighs. Since that day I always wear a corset or a girdle with my stockings and high heels, I have shopped all over the place for catalogues of companies who copy all the designs of that era. My very favourite is the full open bottom girdle and I have bought several of these in black and white, some of them are boned around the bodice to hold you in even tighter and the bra cups plunge deeply at the front giving me a fantastic cleavage. I have a copy of a French style open bottomed girdle, it has two full length bones on each side of the panels and the centre front is covered in a soft silky fabric. [HORNY NYLONS]

Around the waist and bottom is crisscross stitching which gives a very sexy ruffled appearance and the four suspenders finish in metal stocking top clips. I also have a passion for full silky lace petticoats, I love the full frothy ones that have a layer of netting underneath and deep lace edging around the bottom and they make a sensual rustling sound as they slide against my stockings.
These look very sexy under a dress with a full skirt and when I walk you get a glimpse of the deep lacy edge as my dress billows out around my legs. Do you think I look sexy, is your cock getting hard looking at the photos of me dressed in my petticoat and sexy full body corset, does it turn you on seeing the way the soft stretchy material and the firm panels hug my body and what about my tits, don’t they look fantastic in the low cut bra cups. [SEAMED STOCKINGS]

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