Mature corset queen’s suspenders and heels PART3

Part 3 of 3
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Look at my slim legs in my silky stockings, wouldn’t you just love to be stroking your fingers up and down, making your way higher and higher until you touch the soft skin of my thighs. A little higher and your hand would feel my soft silky panties and you would feel the heat coming from my pussy as I start to get turned on, my panties getting damp as you slowly stroked your hands over my arse cheeks. Are you slowly wanking that hard cock of yours as you imagine pulling me down onto your lap, laying me across your knees as you gently lift up my petticoat and playfully spank my bum. You can feel my arse cheeks getting warm and you can see them glowing where your hand has spanked them. Can you imagine me sucking your cock, coming in-between your legs and taking your hard dick in my mouth, my soft wet tongue licking the tip of your shaft before taking it deeply inside. [CORSET CURVES]

Mmmmm feels good doesn’t it as I suck on your shaft harder and faster, I bet your cock is really throbbing now you dirty bastard you would love to fuck me wouldn’t you, have me on my knees with my arse in the air as you gently slip my panties to one side. Can you imagine sliding your hard dick into my warm wet pussy, making me gasp out loud as you thrust it in deep and slowly begin to fuck me. Oh that feels so good doesn’t it, can you feel my pussy muscles tightening around your shaft, gripping you tight as you drive your hard cock deep inside my cunt fucking me harder and faster. [SILKY PANTIES]

Come on wank that cock hard for me as you imagine me moaning out loud as we start to build our climax, your balls are slapping against my arse cheeks as you explode out shooting your cum deep inside my pussy and you can hear me cry out as my own orgasm sends pleasurable sensations racing through my body. Did you enjoy that, I fucking bet you did you naughty boy, I imagine your cock was throbbing as you wanked it hard until you shot your hot sticky cum all over your hand. I know my pussy is wet and horny now so I will just have to go and find one of my toys and spend the next hour pleasuring myself. [STOCKINGS AND HEELS]

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