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Nikki enjoys lingerie lesbian sex with Danielle

Nikki and her friend Danielle where going out for the evening at a 50′s revival night but get carried away once they start to touch each others sexy undies and let their hot bodies get close. Lots of lingerie caressing and pantie masturbation between two sexy ladies.


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SCENE ONE: Sexy babe Caroline strips and teases and indulges in her favourite fetish of being tied up when having sex. Hot 1-1 scene with your and an explosive natural orgasm !!

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British babes in panties

Pretty in pink lingerie leggy babe Carrissa – Part TWO

I have always fancied him as he is tall and muscular and very good looking. Looking in my drawers I decide to wear one of my favourite basques, as I take it out I can feel the silky satin against my fingers, wrapping it around my body I do up the little hook and eyes and sliding it around I lean forward and gently ease my tits into the cups. They nestle nice and snug inside the lacy top and as I smooth the bodice down my body it pulls my waist in nice and tight giving me an even curvier shape. Around the bottom of my basque is a deep lacy frill that curves out very sexy over my hips and it has matching lacy ruffles going around the bodice.

Long stocking legs

I decide on a pair of silky black stockings and putting my foot up on the bed I roll each nylon into a little ball before carefully easing my toes inside, stroking my hands over the nylons to smooth them up my legs making sure the sexy little black seams are running straight up from my ankle right up the back of my legs. The soft silky band at the top sits snugly around my thighs and I slip my fingers inside each stocking as I ease down a suspender and fix it inside the silky nylon. When each suspender is fixed I love the way they pull taut against my skin the back ones following the shape of my curvy bum. Wiggling my toes I love the way my painted nails peep cheekily through the foot of the silky stockings and running my hands up my legs I can feel the smooth soft nylon beneath my fingers.

I always wear a petticoat under my clothes and today I choose a soft pink, silky satin one and as I reach up and slip it over my head the soft fabric slides over my body and the deep lace around the top lays soft and silky against my cleavage. This slip is quite short and the deep lace hem finishes mid thigh and I can hear it rustle against my stockings as I move. Stepping into my short skirt it slides over my petticoat and when I walk you can just get a glimpse of the lacy edge underneath. Slipping on my suit jacket and buttoning it up I love the way my tits look so sexy covered in the silky soft lace.

Now I can hear you ask what about your panties, well I will let you into a secret, sometimes I just don’t wear any especially when I feel as sexy as I do today and when I walk the lacy edge of my basque tickles my muff and makes me smile. Slipping my feet into an incredibly high heeled pair of black shoes I feel very sexy as I give myself a little twirl in the mirror.

Arriving at work I go straight to the garden furniture section, I know that Steve the rep is bringing in a new range to show me so I want to make sure I have the space for it. When he arrives he looks as hot and hunky as ever and I feel a tingling deep inside as he gives me his knockout smile. I can tell by the way he is looking at me that he fancies me and as he brings the furniture into the store I make sure that I bend over when I help him arrange it.

Pretty in pink lingerie leggy babe Carrissa – Part ONE

I work for a large DIY Store in the garden department, I am the Manager of the whole section with nine members of staff working under me. I enjoy working with the Public, although there are a few dickheads out there mostly they are nice people and a lot of my job is customer care making sure they get their orders on time and sorting out any problems they may have.

Full slip

I deal with all the reps who come in deciding which of their stock we are going to sell and giving them the order. I meet a lot of fit guys in the job and enjoy flirting with them when their wives or girlfriends aren’t with them, its all good clean fun and they seem to love it. I am single at the moment having just come out of a two year relationship and I am enjoying all the attention that I get at work from both staff and customers.

My ex used to get jealous when other guys chatted to me when we were out even when it was quite innocent, a night out usually ended in a row and I got so sick of it I decided to finish with him. I admit I love to flirt but I was always faithful when I was going out with him, now I have nobody but myself to please so I am going to fucking enjoy it.

I work a long day from eight to six thirty and all that running around the store keeps my body toned and curvy, I don’t need to go down the gym to stay fit and I am quite proud of my sexy little body. I have to wear a suit for work but I make sure they always have a sexy short skirt and with my high heels on I know I walk around the store with a wiggle to my arse and love the glances I get and not just from the guys, quite a few girls look over their shoulders as I walk by.

My day starts with a shower and I always moisturise my body with my favourite perfumed lotion, I love my skin to feel smooth and silky before I get dressed. Now I love sexy lingerie and my favourite colour is pink, when I go shopping with my girlfriends they all laugh at me because whenever they hold something up for me to see I always say ” oh that’s gorgeous, have they got it in pink? ” I spend a fair amount of money at my favourite store and I now have drawers full of the most sensual and feminine lingerie a girl could want.

I love it all from silky satin basques and suspender belts, lacy bra and panty sets and French knickers with lacy edges and softly tied ribbons. I have every shade of pink possible from white with a hint of pink right up through to red hot in your face pink. With my long dark hair and tanned body the colour looks fantastic and sexy on my body

Today I am taking extra special care in my choice of underwear as my favourite rep is coming in to see me, I have very wet fantasies over this guy when I wank myself with one of my girlie toys.